Solidarity instead of racism and right-wing agitation – No place for Nazis!

Stop the AfD!

Due to constantly rising prices, the AfD tries to utilise the expected social crisis. Under a racist-nationalist motto they mobilise for a march to Berlin on October 8th, nationwide together with neo-Nazis.

That’s why we’re calling on you to oppose the march of AfD & Co. on October 8th! Whoever protests together with Nazis is in league with them and must reckon with our resistance!

The AfD claims to support workers and unemployed. In fact, they run politics for the rich and corporations. According to the AfD, the same tax rate would apply to income millionaires as to an average employee.

The AfD blames the unemployed and the poor, people with a migration background and refugees as well as women and LGBTIQ+ for empty coffers as well as for the housing shortage and rising rents. In this way, it distracts from the actual causes of social grievances and plays employed people, low-income earners, those dependent on Hartz IV and social benefits and those affected by racism against each other.


Our protest neither denies the climate crisis nor Corona, does not play down Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine and does not bring conspiracy myths about the powerful with it. We stand together for a solidary society regardless of our origin, our sexual orientation, gender identity, religion or disability. We are convinced: A social world in which nobody has to freeze in winter is possible – but only without, only against the AfD!


  • No place for Nazis – stop the AfD!
  • Solidarity instead of racism and right-wing agitation!
  • Housing, heating, groceries and electricity must be affordable!
  • Real redistribution instead of the sprinkler can principle – we won’t freeze for profits!
  • An ecological and social turnaround in traffic – continuation of the 9-Euro ticket!
  • An ecological-social energy transition – compliance with the 1.5-degree target!


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